Building a world-class tooling information system

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About special tooling

Nearly all high-volume manufactured parts require some type of special tooling. Major manufacturers in all industries own thousands of tools representing an enormous investment. Tooling assets in the form of molds, dies, fixtures, patterns, templates, gauges, and dedicated automation are required to form, assemble, inspect and package products. Many companies fail to adequately manage their tooling assets after production begins relying instead on suppliers to manage these assets.

The value of special tooling information

Existing tooling directly affects the supply, cost, and quality of products currently in production. Parts and assemblies simply cannot be made without these tools. Detailed knowledge of location, specifications, designs, condition, and maintenance offers opportunities to lower risk, control cost, and improve processes.

The documentation process

Gathering tooling information after the fact is a daunting task. Searching and documenting existing tools by conventional methods place a huge burden on internal engineering, purchasing, and quality departments.  Results can be disappointing.  Accessing and maintaining this gathered information requires the development of new procedures and information systems.  The process is costly and time-consuming.

A better solution

Technology has changed nearly every aspect of how we execute manufacturing. By employing current technologies and a new approach, tooling information can now be efficiently captured, accessed, and analyzed. The ToolView system lowers cost, improves data quality, and dramatically shortens the time and effort required to build your tooling asset information system.

Dynamic results

The result is a comprehensive and up-to-date data warehouse of tooling information accessible from any computer or mobile device. ToolView users have immediate access to tool location, ownership, specifications, designs, photos, and video clips (coming soon.) Information is easily searched, viewed, shared, and analyzed for real productivity improvement.