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Discover a Smarter Approach to Tooling Management

About special tooling

High-volume parts production relies on specialized tooling, representing significant investments by major manufacturers. These tools, including molds, dies, fixtures, and automation systems, are essential for forming, assembling, inspecting, and packaging products. However, many companies neglect proper tooling asset management after production begins, often leaving this crucial task to suppliers

The value of special tooling information

Current tooling profoundly influences product supply, cost, and quality in ongoing production. These tools are indispensable for manufacturing parts and assemblies. In-depth insights into their location, specifications, designs, condition, and maintenance present opportunities to mitigate risks, manage costs, and enhance processes

The documentation process

Searching and documenting existing tools can overwhelm internal teams, requiring time-consuming site audits, spreadsheet management, and constant maintenance. This approach often results in outdated and static information.

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There is a better way

Technology has revolutionized manufacturing. With cutting-edge tools and a fresh perspective, tooling information can now be swiftly captured, accessed, and analyzed in real-time. ToolView delivers enhanced data quality and significantly reduces the time, effort, and expenses associated with building your tooling asset information system.

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Dynamic life cycle management

ToolView creates a dynamic, global, real-time data repository for tooling information, accessible from any computer or mobile device. Users enjoy instant access to tool descriptions, specifications, designs, photos, operational videos, and maintenance records. This information is readily searchable, viewable, shareable, and analyzable, facilitating tangible productivity enhancements.

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