How to use tooling asset information

Container Ship
Reduce supply chain risk

Supply chain risk is a real threat to global manufacturers. Companies are dependent on suppliers to ensure a consistent supply of products is delivered on time.  Interruptions due to business failure, natural disasters, geopolitical changes, and pandemics are a constant threat to your supply chain. The ability to make contingency plans and transfer manufacturing capability quickly helps mitigate these risks and reduce the stress on your organization when events occur.

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Control cost and improve quality

For existing production parts and assemblies, cost and quality are determined largely by the tooling and processes used to make the product.  Raw material, labor, overhead, and maintenance cost are tooling-centric. Quality depends on tool design, condition, maintenance, and repairs. ToolView provides the information you need to obtain quotes, predict product cost, resolve quality issues, and drive improvement.

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Improve supply chain performance

Companies often explore changes to their supply chain for improvement purposes. This may include supplier consolidation, cost controls, and finding new sources. For existing products, tooling and process information are needed to select suppliers and obtain quotes.  Suppliers need access to actual information to estimate material usage, labor, and equipment requirements to provide accurate quotes.  ToolView provides confidential controlled access to this information by select suppliers. 

Financial Reports
Simplify regulatory compliance

Annual reporting of tooling assets for accounting and government regulatory purposes is quickly and accurately provided by ToolView.