ToolView Capability

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Key Features and Benefits of ToolView

Key Features


  • Web-based application

  • Standardized forms for all tooling types

  • Lists and detail views

  • Sort, filter, and find tooling assets

  • View asset information, history, condition, and process specifications

  • Tooling and part association

  • View tooling designs, documents, photos, and operation videos

  • Track tool maintenance events and history

  • Maintenance spare parts

  • Request for quote with controlled access by key suppliers

  • Tool location transfer

  • View, print, and download reports in .csv or .pdf format

  • Tool data upload for rapid implementation

  • Unlimited creation of new users, supplier locations and tool builders

  • User-defined roles and permissions

  • Metric and imperial units

  • Intuitive interface 

  • Branding available


  • Global access to tooling asset data

  • View tooling by supplier location

  • Minimal demand on internal departments

  • Works for all special tooling types

  • Works for all production part types

  • Rapid implementation

  • High adoption rate

  • Secure

  • Confidential

  • Flexible plans


  • Web-based application

  • Mobile application

  • Cell phone photo capture and upload utility

  • Cloud storage

  • Automatic backup

  • Private and secure

  • 99.9% uptime

ToolView documents all special tooling types and subtypes


  • Open

  • Impression

  • Cold

  • Upset

  • Roll forging



  • Die-cast dies

  • Powdered metal

  • Powdered metal


  • Machining fixtures

  • Welding fixtures

  • Jigs

  • Racking

  • Dunnage



  • Attribute gauge

  • Variable gauge

  • Templates

Special Machines

  • Manual assembly

  • Automated assembly lines

  • Fastening

  • Testing

  • Material handling

  • Packaging



  • Progressive

  • Blank

  • Transfer

  • Line

  • Tandem line

  • Draw

  • Hydroform

  • Warm forming

  • Steel rule

  • Coining

  • Brake 

  • Forming

  • Roll form

  • Bending



  • Injection

  • Reaction

  • Compression

  • Extrusion

  • Blow

  • Rotational

  • Vacuum

  • Hand lay

  • Laminating


Part Types

ToolView supports all production part types

Tooling Types

Implementation, Training and Support

Implementation Strategies


Implementation of ToolView is fast and requires no searching or manual input by the tool owner. The ToolView team assists clients with implementation and training. We recommend designating a "champion" to help coordinate the project. 


ToolView Clients can implement across the entire organization simultaneously or take a more ramped-up approach.

Ramped-up implementation options

Single site implementation

Country of origin method

Preferred suppliers first method

Commodity method (e.g. stampings, moldings, etc.)

Business Meeting

Training Options


Most training can be accomplished with online training.  Live meeting and on-site support is available.

Help files


Web meetings

On-site training (optional and depending on current health restrictions)


Three levels of support are available during and after implementation.  In-plant assistance is also available at professional service rates. Help can be obtained by: 



Web meetings via Microsoft Teams or GoToMeeting

Help files

Training videos

See if ToolView is right for you

ToolView is a scalable solution.  Costs are proportional to "tools under management."  Skeptical clients can try ToolView before making a company-wide commitment.  To learn more about ToolView request a full demonstration of system capabilities.  Clients try ToolView on a limited low-cost basis before making a full commitment.


Tooling Documentation and Maintenance

Tool Detail

  • General

    • Asset number

    • Ownership

    • Tool physical location

    • Tool condition

    • Tool Life

    • Tool Builder

    • Service date

  • Size

    • Size

    • weight

    • Shut (closed) height if applicable

    • Tonnage required (where applicable)

  • Process

    • Parts per cycle

    • Production rate

    • Blank/Shot weight

    • Raw material type

  • Cost

    • Tool cost

    • Replacement lead time

Production Part


  • Part/Tool association

  • Part thumbnail view

  • Documents

  • Photos​​

Tool Documents


  • Pdf documents

  • Design drawings (in native format)

  • Photos​​

  • Operation video clips

Tool Maintenance


  • Manage tool maintenance

  • Schedule maintenance

  • Track repairs and tool changes

  • Toolroom loading

  • Demand-driven maintenance

  • Standard PM material and labor

  • Maintenance cost tracking

  • Identify problem tools

Spare Parts


  • Standard spare parts

  • Custom spare parts

  • Add parts to maintenance order​​

  • Operation video clips


  • Quoting - ToolView permits controlled access to tooling information by suppliers for the purpose of improving quoting accuracy.

  • Asset location transfer - Keep track of tooling physical locations tooling transfer features.

  • Asset location mapping


  • Tool lists

  • Tool detail

  • Tooling by location

  • Tool maintenance history

  • Tool maintenance event detail

  • Tooling line up by part

  • Operation cost estimate

  • Implementation progress